Thursday, 8 September 2011

Does anyone who makes kid's TV actually have kids??

Tully and I love Lazy Town. It's colourful, melodramatic, it has singing and dancing. And the super hero, Sporticus, does somersaults on the way to saving people. Super Tully has turned into Sporticus recently. He leans against the wall, stretching his calf muscles, wiles the hours away outside jumping over things and rescuing with the the Octonauts (a bunch of animals who live in the ocean rescuing sea creatures). It's everything a parent wants in a kids show to help her not feel quilty about her 3 year old watching television. Until today.
We love Sesame Street. It's educational and politically correct. But my 3 year old hasn't learnt how to count to 20 yet. He has learnt how to eat a rice cake without any of it actually making its way down his throat. Tully doesn't care that they've started talking about cookies as 'sometimes food.' He doesn't want cookies. Rice cakes make a heaps better mess, thank you.
And has anyone noticed that Sporticus grabs an apple to give him energy, takes one bite and throws it away. In the past week, I have found 5 apples with one or 2 bites taken out of it then discarded, behind the couch, under the bed, on the barbeque. Added to that, our beloved superhero can't hold anything without throwing it up in the air, running, somersaulting and catching it on his way to where he is going. This morning it was a book that he finished reading. (Oh yes, it's good to show super heroes enjoying reading). He threw the book up in the air, flew after it and caught it just as he reached the bookshelf to put it away.
Tully, excited by this new trick, has since thrown cushions, spoons, books, cups.  (And has not, we've noticed, taken up reading.)
"Tully, please don't throw things inside. We only throw balls or other throwing things outside."
"But Sporticus throws things in his house."
Does anyone who makes these shows actually have kids?

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  1. Oh you are too cute! I found you via flickr but you're going on my sidebar!

    I totally agree with you. My 4 year old boy watches sponge bob. I was okay with it until he started spitting! Now we watch chugging ton!!


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