Monday, 19 September 2011

What's the BIG Idea?

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was full of in-laws and tired kids. The former was great, the latter, not so much. And if we're allowed to be honest here, we could say that the former caused the latter. But that's ok. Let's hope we all catch up on some sleep and good moods through the week.

So, during one of the times I was feeding a tired baby, I was acquainting myself with Pinterest. Have you heard about it? It's the perfect 'pass the time while feeding a tired baby' website. You look for pretty or interesting pictures, post them to your virtual pinboard, and promise yourself you'll make that or go there or buy that one day.

Well one great idea I found used an old wipes dispenser and immediately connected with me because Evie is renowned for her covert operations finding the tissue boxes around the house and emptying them of their contents (and then eating their contents.)

I also knew it was something I could do one day (like today!) because I'd just been cutting a whole heap of 2.5" strips for some new drawstring mats (because I sold my last one today! Yay!)

First, I grabbed an empty baby wipes dispenser, and some strips I prepared earlier by cutting up my scraps and sewing them together. You could use old t-shirts, pillow cases or denim jeans if you don't have a big fabric stash.

 And, you don't even need to sew them together, but tie them instead!

Then I placed the long fabric strip in the dispenser, careful to keep hold of one end.

Then I tucked the end through the 'teeth' of the lid, closed the lid, and pulled it through!

Then, I sat Evie in front of it to take a photo and she burst into tears. Obviously still too tired for exciting new handcrafted games. :(
Don't forget, (and I know you won't, I just need to add), if you make one too don't leave your little one unattended with this. You don't want them to tie themselves up! Or have your 3 year old wrap your 9 month old up like a Christmas present, as I'm sure Tully would love to do. :)

So, have any big ideas to make parenting, sewing, living more colourful or just easier? Share them with us! I'll be looking for fun things to do with or for kids, or for anyone to feature in "What's the BIG idea?" each week!



  1. Cornflour, water and food colouring makes a great goo and has kept us entertained for a quiet part of the weekend. Its quite amazing stuff when you get the consistency right!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! That's a fabulous idea!! I'm always picking up baby wipes!!

  3. Hey brilliant idea!! Y not super glue the last piece of fabric to the bottom of the wipes container so ur not constantly putting it all back together for her?? Just a thought...


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