Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Hindsight Checklist.

After 4 days and nights of those nasty teeth cutting relentlessly through Evie's poor gums, it feels like I've achieved nothing except record low sleep levels and a messy kitchen. A screaming baby puts the whole house on hold, or so it seems. But as I was sitting outside on the back steps, asking Tully to collect various things aorund the garden of a particular colour, an afternoon game which kept both kids happy, it occured to me the task of parenting isn't always about getting things done, but sometimes involves just a whole lot of comforting, watching, patting, singing and sitting on the back step.
So, to remind myself of all I have achieved in the last week, I have compiled a checklist, in hindsight.
  • sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star repeatedly.
  • sit out on back step and play colour game with Tully.
  • make sure Tully has a well rounded diet of Vegemite sandwiches, milk, cheese, Weetbix and apples.
  • resourcefully find items to calm screaming, teething baby (mobile phone, shoes, champagne cork).
  • leave washing out to ensure extra drying/bleaching. (and now, an extra wash)
  • watch Cars with Tully and answer the same questions you do every time you watch Cars with Tully. 
  • teach Tully to vacuum lounge room floor.
  • get up several times during the night for cuddles and quality time with Evie.
  • administer Panadol.
  • place all edible items in bottom cupboard for easy toddler access
  • find educational viewing material to amuse toddler.
  • sway back and forth with baby in front of mirror.
  • resourcefully feed family with eggs, broccoli, rice and orange juice.
  • slow dance with baby. 
  • fall asleep with tired baby on chest.


  1. your blog looks awesome! I love the navigation buttons! and the script fonts! it is great!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jodi! I love this hindsight checklist! Too often parenting and housekeeping conflict in my house!


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