Saturday, 10 September 2011

Someone get me a hot chocolate!

Because I've already reached my caffeine limit for the day. (If I wasn't still breastfeeding and running the risk of awake baby all night, believe me, I wouldn't care!) I'm exhausted!

So here's our stall at the markets today!

So, you wanna know how it went?
- I was up till 2am this morning pinning labels and sewing buttons.
- The table was about half the size we were expecting. So all our stuff got squished up too tightly.
- I sold one bib.
- I got to talk to about 10 people, which was fun and exciting till I realised they weren't coming over to look at my stuff to buy, but they were other bored (but friendly) stall holders.
It. was. so. dead. :(
The main organiser had a baby (via cesarean, no less) 4 weeks ago! So there was no advertising, no signs to help people find this little dungeon and all those discount vouchers I printed out to go in show bags just sat there next to this sleep-deprived woman, idyll. Part of me is "poor woman" and the part that paid $50 for the table is "who starts a new market when you're expecting a baby???"

But I did receive several text and Facebook messages from lovely friends wishing me well. And I had a wonderful fan club turn up and tell me everything looked great.
SO! Lucky for all you wonderful people, all those beautiful things I didn't sell will go up on Tickle & Hide slowly through the week.
And seeing no one got to enjoy my 10% off vouchers for market goers, you can! Until the end of September, use the code "market10" at checkout for a 10% discount in store! I'll keep you posted about the new yummy things going up this week.
You guys are great!


  1. I liked your stall! If I had babies I would buy your stuff :D

  2. I'm the same - I'm currently searching for people to buy from your merchandise!!

  3. Oh lame sauce!!!! She could have hired someone else to help her. It takes 9 months to make a baby....she knew it was coming. I'm off to your shop!


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