Thursday, 8 September 2011

To Market, To Market!

 My friend Anna (from Feathering Nest) and I are off to Market on Saturday! The new Newcastle Handmade Market is located at "The Place" in Charlestown near Charlestown Square. If you're local, come and say hi!
Today, I've been madly putting my beautiful birthday fabric (above) to good use.

 I've put button holes in these (they've been waiting for said holes for months.) I'm so, so afraid of button holes. So big pat on the back for me.

 I still need to do the last of the stitching on these lovelies. Oh yummy tea pots and cute kids!!

 I've put tags on these, made by my amazing husband. (Anyone want to employ him? He's seriously an all-round star.)

 LOOK! Aren't they adorable! I got so excited about these, I made 6! (2 in each size). I put the pretty parade picture on the front.

Then on the back I used funky dots, or stripes. Then used matching cute prints from this "Children at Play" fabric line on the reverse.
The kids better sleep tonight because I have a lot of buttons to sew on and shoulders to stitch up!
If you'd like to get in before the market, (or want more detailed photos,) let me know and I'll put aside the size you're after. Otherwise, whatever's left will be put in Tickle & Hide on Etsy next week.

Woohoo! Jodi. xx

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